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Enhancing the quality of e-learning education in medical sector


enterprise goals and objectives Concept,  mission and values

Empowering our institution through the adoption of globally recognized educational systems.


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Transforming education from being

traditional into digitalization

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Intellectual Property and Copyright

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

Protecting intellectual property and copyright is considered one of the policies implemented in the college, especially concerning digital content used in the educational process. In the event of a violation, the violator bears full responsibility for the legal consequences and liabilities that may arise.

Intellectual Property Rights in the E-Learning Environment:

  • The college is entitled to possess digital content and utilize it in any manner it deems appropriate.
  • Respect for intellectual property rights in digital content and adherence to it is mandatory.
  • Proper attribution of sources must be observed when using open-source content.
  • The college bears no responsibility in the event any faculty member uses intellectual property content for which the college does not have ownership rights.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

  • Publishing content that has copyright ownership without the consent of the individual or entity is prohibited, and such consent should be obtained in written form or through email.
  • Publishing content that goes against ethical, Islamic, and social norms is not allowed.
  • Publishing content that promotes sectarianism, racism, or tribalism is also prohibited.
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Policies and procedures for Academic systems

Academic Integrity Policies and Laws

Mechanism of Teaching and Evaluation in e-lerning

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Chairman of e-learning committee

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e-learning Unit Director

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e-learning Coordinators

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Roles and responsibilities within IT department and E-learning unit in (E-learning)


  • IT manager: Validate all academic systems and applications and their sustainability.
  • ExamSoft: Ensuring the effective utilization of the ExamSoft platform within an educational institution, contributing to improved assessment processes and overall educational outcomes.
  • Electronic Learning Management System (ELMS): Facilitating a seamless and effective learning experience within an institution by managing the technical aspects, user experience, and ongoing improvements of the Learning Management System.
  • PeopleSoft (SIS): Ensuring the effective utilization, security, and ongoing enhancement of the PeopleSoft system to meet the evolving needs of the institution.
  • DataBases: Maintaining the reliability, performance, and security of an institution's database systems.
  • Networks: Ensuring the reliability, security, and scalability of an institution's networks.
  • IT Support: Ensuring that users have efficient and reliable access to IT resources.

Email Address





IT manager

Essam Abdulaziz


ExamSoft (e-exam)

Ahmed Mossaad


Electronic Learning Management System (ELMS)

Fahad Alahmari


PeopleSoft (SIS)

Sarfaraz Rabbani



Saqib Rasheed



Mohaned Zalah


IT Support



IT Support

Haneen Abdullah


IT Support

Leen Alsrhani

E-learning coordinators for each program and their roles


  • Coordinators are the communication link between (ELU, HoPs, and programs' professors.

  • Explain the course contents to programs' professors.

  • Follow up with professor continuously.

  • Evaluate each course independently.

  • The evaluation should be sent to ELU and QD by the end of each semester.

  • Coordinators must delegate all the tasks that related to e-learning to another person, whenever they have a vacation, or any reason that may not allow them to complate the missions .

Email Address





Health Management Program coordinator

Nadia Fanous


Preparatory Year Program coordinator

Salwa Alahmari


General Nursing Program coordinator

Maha Ibrahim


Respiratory Therapy Program coordinator

Majed Alkahtani


Radiological Scinences Program coordinator

Amal Alsalamah


Pharm D Program coordinator

Roula Bayram


Physical Therapy Program coordinator

Fatima Saidi


Occupational Therapy Program coordinator

khaled Alhindi


General Medicine Practice Program coordinator

Nehal Talat


General Dentistry Program coordinator

Anuroop Singhai

E-learning Workshops

Registration link


Date | Time

Workshop's name

Main computer lab - Female section

Mar - 03 - 2024 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Dealing with the technologies used in e-learning

Main computer lab - Female section

Mar - 10 - 2024 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Electronic content development

Main computer lab - Female section

Mar - 17 - 2024 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Electronic teaching skills

Mechanism for submitting complaints and suggestions

Faculty members and students are encouraged to contribute their valuable insights, and their active participation in submitting complaints and suggestions within the realm of e-learning is highly welcomed. This collaborative engagement is pivotal in our continuous efforts to refine and augment our mechanisms and services.

They have the option to submit their complaints and suggestions through any of the following channels:

The complaints and the suggestions will be taken into consideration after submitting and they will be solved as an average response time for our support team within one working day.

Support Escalation Matrix:

  1. Level 0 ( self-service such as user guide and reset password )
  2. Level 1 ( Phone, Email, ITSM system ) (handled by ServiceDesk and helpdesk teams)
  3. Level 2 ( escalated cases from level 1 to DevOps , NOC, System and DB administrators)
  4. Level 3 ( escalated cases from level 2 to vendor support )

Contact Mob. & WhatsApp

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9200 33333 Ext. 1919

Office 356 issues


9200 33333 Ext. 1905

SIS technical issues


9200 33333 Ext. 1919

Computers & Software issues

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e-learning Unit - Support channels

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Supported email for faculty members :

Supported email for Students :

Time work for support team : (Sunday-Thursday)(8:00 AM - 4:30 PM)

Average response time for Support Team is one working day

Location : Ground floor | Corridor 79 | Room 74

Room 74

Corridor 79

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